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Work at Home PLR Article Pack

These are the topics covered in the 10 Pack of Work at Home PLR Articles:

  • Common Work-at-Home Positions You Can Apply For
  • Home Business or Work-at-Home Job – Which Is Right for You?
  • How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work Part Time from Home
  • How to Make Money before You Have Products to Sell
  • How to Tell Legitimate Opportunities from Scams
  • Nine Ways to Show Your Expertise When First Starting Out
  • Pros and Cons of Working for Yourself
  • Top Ten Home Business Ideas for Parents
  • Top Ten Legitimate Companies That Offer Work-at-Home Jobs

Includes 10 images for illustration and social sharing.


Eco-Friendly Home Furnishing PLR Article Pack

These are the topics covered in the 10 Pack of Eco-Friendly Home Furnishing PLR Articles:

  • Eco-Friendly Accessories that Add Pop to Your Home
  • Eco-Friendly Storage Solutions
  • Eco-Friendly Window Treatments
  • Green Furniture on a Budget
  • Ideas for Recycling Wooden Pallets
  • New Uses for Old Furniture
  • Recycled Lighting Ideas
  • Solar Lighting for Indoor Use
  • Tree-Based Furniture
  • Where to Buy Eco-Friendly Furniture


Homesteading – PLR eCourse

These are the topics covered in the 10 Lesson Homesteading PLR eCourse:

  • Getting Started on the Path to Self-Reliance
  • 3 Elements of Homesteading: Which is Right for You?
  • The Many Financial Benefits of Homesteading
  • Reasons Why Homesteading is Better for the Environment
  • Making Money from Homesteading
  • Why So Many People Find Homesteading to be Rewarding and Fulfilling
  • What to Know Before You Get Started Homesteading
  • Can You Homestead in the City? Urban Homesteading
  • Fun Ways to Improve Your Homesteading Skills
  • 3 Steps Every Homesteader Must Take Before Getting Started

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Sustainable Living – PLR Report

These are the topics covered in Sustainable Living PLR Report:

Report: Sustainable Living

  • Are you ready to take sustainability to the next level?
  • Composting 101
  • Raising Chickens
  • Embracing Alternative Energy
  • Harvesting Rainwater/li>
  • Fun Ways to Give back, Live Sustainably and Enjoy a Simpler Lifestyle
  • Reducing Your Food Waste
  • The Lowdown on LED
  • How to Save More Water
  • How to Make a Smooth Transition to a More Sustainable Lifestyle


Sustainable Living - PLR Report
A Ten-Point Report on Sustainable Living - 4290 words
Price: $15.00

Green DIY – PLR Articles

Green-DIYHere are the topics covered in the Green DIY 10 Pack of PLR Articles:

  • Simple Improvements for a Greener Home
  • Energy-Efficient Roofs – Things to Consider
  • Passive Solar Windows for Different Climates
  • Choosing and Installing Energy Efficient Doors
  • The Benefits of Energy-efficient LEDs
  • DIY Solar Panels – Overview of the Buying & Construction Process
  • Tips for Buying Used or Discount Solar Panel
  • Making Green Energy Affordable: Steps Towards the Future
  • Different Types of Green Energy
  • Reducing Household Waste and Help the Environment


Green DIY - PLR Articles
Included are 10 articles plus 10 images for social media promotion.
Price: $17.00

Remodeling Your Home – PLR Articles

brush-1034901_1920These are the topics covered in this 10 Pack of PLR Articles on Remodeling Your Home:

  • Affordable Lighting Upgrades You Can Do Yourself
  • Attic Renovations That Give You a Big Return on Investment
  • Countertop Trends: Eco-Friendly Options for Your Home
  • Do It Yourself Bathroom Remodels
  • Do It Yourself Kitchen Remodels
  • Do It Yourself Office Renovation
  • Flooring Trends
  • Ideas for Converting Your Basement into a Livable Space
  • Things You Need to Know about Window Replacement
  • Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Colors


Remodelling Your Home - PLR  Articles
Includes 10 Articles on Home Renovation
Price: $10.00