• How to Use PLR

    How to Use Preformatted WordPress Posts

    If you have purchased one of my HomeFreePLR Website Packs, congratulations! You are about to experience the easiest way to add content to your WordPress website or blog. These instructions might seem complicated at first, but there are really just three main steps: . Copy Paste Edit Your preformatted blog posts are delivered in a zip file. Open the zip file by double-clicking (Mac) or choosing Extract all and checking Show extracted files when complete (PC). You will see a series of txt files, one for each article. Open the first txt file you want to load. Use a simple text editor like Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac). Copy the…

  • How to Use PLR

    The Benefits of PLR Membership

    Smart marketers on a budget know that one of the best ways to get top quality articles, eBooks, audios and more on a monthly basis is to join a PLR membership site. The advantages of ready to go PLR delivered to your email or downloaded from a membership site each month are many. If you’re in the business of Internet Marketing, you know that there are many tasks that must be mastered, or at least outsourced, and writing is one of them. Maybe you don’t like writing or lack confidence in your writing skills. Or maybe you really do know how to write, but know that your time would be…

  • How to Use PLR

    Private Label Rights – How to Use PLR Products

    Private label rights (PLR) products are written articles, reports, videos, and other content that you can buy the right to use, sell and even brand as your own. Other people buy it too and can also use it, which makes the concept of PLR somewhat similar to syndication. Learning how to use PLR can be the best thing to happen to your online business. Private Label Rights products provide you with a wide-open opportunity to build an information product business from the ground up. Information products are usually in the form of eBooks, slideshows, and even video today, and they teach the consumer what they need to know in an…

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