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How to Use PLR

How to Use Preformatted WordPress Posts

how to use preformatted blog posts

If you have purchased one of my HomeFreePLR Website Packs, congratulations! You are about to experience the easiest way to add content to your WordPress website or blog.

These instructions might seem complicated at first, but there are really just three main steps:

  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Edit

Your preformatted blog posts are delivered in a zip file. Open the zip file by double-clicking (Mac) or choosing Extract all and checking Show extracted files when complete (PC). You will see a series of txt files, one for each article.

Open the first txt file you want to load. Use a simple text editor like Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac). Copy the text to your clipboard by selecting the text (Highlight all or place the cursor anywhere in the text window and choose Ctrl+A) and choosing Edit/Copy or Ctrl+C.

Go to your WordPress dashboard Edit Post window and select Text edit mode, as highlighted below in yellow. Place your cursor in the box and hit Ctrl+V to Paste. Save as a Draft and Preview.

choose text

Optional: You can adjust the width of the images by changing the numbers inside the quotes. Image width is currently set at 600 ( width=”600” ). Be very careful not to delete anything else. All those brackets and quotes are important!

Optional: You might also want to adjust the size of your headings. Different themes have different ways of interpreting h1, h2, etc. You can change the numbers before and after the headings to change their size. (Be sure to change BOTH before and after!) Smaller numbers mean larger headings.

Optional: Edit and rework the content to reflect your personal voice, your experience, and point of view. Or leave it as is. It’s up to you.

When you are happy with the looks of your post, hit Publish. Easy! The great thing is that you don’t need to worry about uploading image files or videos. These are all securely hosted elsewhere.

If you want to upload them to your own hosting service, they are supplied so you can do so. But, I think that you just might prefer the ease of letting HomeFreePLR do the formatting work for you!

Let me know if you have any questions about how this works. Once you try our WP formatted posts, you’ll appreciate how HomeFreePLR makes it easy for you.

The Benefits of PLR Membership

HFPLR benefits of PLR membership

Smart marketers on a budget know that one of the best ways to get top quality articles, eBooks, audios and more on a monthly basis is to join a PLR membership site. The advantages of ready to go PLR delivered to your email or downloaded from a membership site each month are many.

If you’re in the business of Internet Marketing, you know that there are many tasks that must be mastered, or at least outsourced, and writing is one of them. Maybe you don’t like writing or lack confidence in your writing skills. Or maybe you really do know how to write, but know that your time would be better spent doing other tasks. So you turn to PLR content.

PLR Quality is Key

The problem with PLR is that you can’t count on the quality from provider to provider. Yes, you could do a Google search of your “niche term + PLR” and find plenty of offerings. Chances are, though, that you’ll have to rewrite it because it’s either poorly written or way out dated – which is why it’s so cheap.

On the other end of the spectrum, you could hire a ghostwriter or freelancer at $30+ a page and that’s great if you have the budget. But those marketers who are starting out on a budget but still want quality need to find a more accessible option.

Advantages of PLR Membership Sites

Enter the PLR membership site. PLR membership sites have several distinct advantages, one being the fact that they often limit the licenses sold, such as only 200 members are issued licenses. That keeps the value high. While some might say that 200 licenses are still too many, the fact is that only 10% of the actual products are being used. The actual competition is more like 20 versions, most of which are being changed enough to avoid duplication.

Another distinct advantage is that the owners of the membership site go all out putting together high value product for their members. A package will typically include at least one 30+ page report, a 5-7 page shorter viral report or a pack of articles, and maybe a well written sales letter with nice graphics.

Get What You Need at a Great Price

Finally, a PLR membership is perfect for the infopreneur who likes to crank out a niche site complete with all of the promotional materials in a matter of a few days. The name of the game in Internet Marketing is speed of implementation. With a new PLR pack ready to go, you can have a brand new product available on the market every month.

Remember, when you buy PLR, you can market the products as your own. It’s as if you had gone to all the trouble to research, write, and format everything yourself. What a great way to build credibility and influence your followers to buy from you!

The cost of the PLR membership can range from $27 a month all the way up to $199 per month. But if you break it down, you can’t beat the value. The best PLR memberships offer at least one well researched eBook ($400), a sales letter with quality graphics ($400+), and a pack of articles to use on your auto responder, blog or to do article marketing ($200). So for the monthly fee, you get $1,000+ worth of well written, ready to go info products, which can potentially make you thousands of dollars. It’s a no-brainer.

The only disadvantage with PLR membership sites is that they’re hard to come by. If you can find a place on a good PLR membership site, grab your spot, because the best sites are always full and only taking names for a standby list.

Private Label Rights – How to Use PLR Products

how to use plr products

Private label rights (PLR) products are written articles, reports, videos, and other content that you can buy the right to use, sell and even brand as your own. Other people buy it too and can also use it, which makes the concept of PLR somewhat similar to syndication. Learning how to use PLR can be the best thing to happen to your online business.

Private Label Rights products provide you with a wide-open opportunity to build an information product business from the ground up. Information products are usually in the form of eBooks, slideshows, and even video today, and they teach the consumer what they need to know in an ever expanding number of categories.

Choose a Popular Niche

You can start by using Google to find out what products your potential audience is looking for. What type of information is needed the most? Choose a niche where people really need the information. High value niches like weight loss, parenting, making money, and starting a business are very popular.

Find Good Quality PLR

If you have already discovered a niche, there is likely already a lot of PLR written for that niche. You just have to find it. Do a Google Search, and simply look for the information yourself. You’ll be sure to find PLR if you’ve chosen a high value niche. You want PLR that is well written, that has good grammar and good formatting at a reasonable price, and that is not sold indiscriminately an unlimited number of times.

Package It in a New Way

Can you find the information that they need and package it in a new way that entices someone to buy your information? Once you find the information, it’s important to package it in a new way. Don’t just use the PLR as is. Reorganize it, add to it, make it unique and special to your audience. Add your style and your unique brand to the PLR and make it new.

Build Up Your Email List

It’s important if you want to have an information product business that you create a valuable email list. You can show them what you have to offer by giving them one short free information product in your niche that they only have to trade their email address for to receive. Then, once you have them on your email list, you can promote higher value information products to them.

Use PLR as Research

You don’t actually have to use the PLR as the entire product that you want to sell. Instead, you can use PLR as the starting point for your information products. Sometimes it helps to have something in front of you to get the creative juices flowing. As you rearrange and rewrite, it’s likely that the PLR simply becomes research and you create a truly unique information product starting with PLR.

In addition to starting with PLR to create an information product business, throw something else behind your information products, such as coaching and personal service to your buyers. This will make your information even more unique because it comes with your personal touch.

Put PLR to work for your business. Grow your following by taking advantage of the quality PLR products here at HomeFreePLR and those provided by our trusted partners.