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Internet Marketing

Work at Home PLR Article Pack

These are the topics covered in the 10 Pack of Work at Home PLR Articles:

  • Common Work-at-Home Positions You Can Apply For
  • Home Business or Work-at-Home Job – Which Is Right for You?
  • How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work Part Time from Home
  • How to Make Money before You Have Products to Sell
  • How to Tell Legitimate Opportunities from Scams
  • Nine Ways to Show Your Expertise When First Starting Out
  • Pros and Cons of Working for Yourself
  • Top Ten Home Business Ideas for Parents
  • Top Ten Legitimate Companies That Offer Work-at-Home Jobs

Includes 10 images for illustration and social sharing.


Adwords – PLR Articles

AdWords-ArticlesHere is the list of topics covered in the 10 Pack of Adwords PLR Articles:

  • Why and How to Use AdWords Editor
  • Copywriting Tips for Higher Click-Throughs
  • Finding and Selecting Profitable Keywords
  • How to Fine-Tune a Campaign
  • How to Use Mass Spreadsheet Upload
  • The Impact of Quality Score on Ad Position & CPC
  • Intelligent AdGroup Sorting Can Increase CTR and ROI
  • Quality Score 101: What Does Google Look For?
  • Start with Profits, Then with Volume
  • Use Keyword Spy Tools to “Steal” Your Competitor’s Keywords


Adwords - PLR Articles
Includes 10 articles plus 10 images for social media promotion.
Price: $17.00

Adsense – PLR Articles

These are the topics covered in the 10 Pack of Adsense PLR Articles:

  • What Are the Best Placements for High CTRs?
  • Buying AdSense Websites for Passive Income
  • Should You Enable Image Ads?
  • How to Ensure Public Service Ads Don’t Show Up
  • List Building to Increase AdSense Profits
  • Moving Beyond AdSense – Affiliate Products & Direct Ad Buys
  • Terms of Service Mistakes to Avoid
  • The Art of Split Testing: Channels, CTRs, Placements and More
  • Three Cool Tools for AdSense Webmasters
  • Three Potentially Lucrative Tactics to Experiment With


Adsense - PLR Articles
Includes 10 articles plus 10 images for social media promotion.
Price: $17.00

Viral Marketing – PLR Articles

viral marketing PLR articles

This list describes the content in the Viral Marketing 10 Pack of PLR Articles:

  • What Kind of Content Tends to Go Viral?
  • What Motivates People to Pass Content On?
  • Do “Tell a Friend” Campaigns Still Work?
  • Getting PR Attention is Easier Than You Think
  • How to Create Viral Infographics
  • How to Create Viral Videos for Under $200
  • How to Get More Likes, Follows, Stumbles or Subscribes
  • Marketing Stunts: Coming Up with a Brilliant Angle
  • Turning Viral Traffic into Cash
  • Using StumbleUpon for Instant Viral Traffic

Includes 10 images to use in promotion.


Viral Marketing - PLR Articles
Includes 10 PLR Articles on Viral Marketing and 10 Images to use in social media and promotion
Price: $17.00

Content Marketing – PLR Articles

These are the topics covered in this 10 Pack of PLR Articles:
content marketing PLR articles

  • Why Content Is Still King
  • Design Tips for Content Websites
  • Finding Your Voice as a Content Marketer
  • How Newspapers and Magazines Find Great Content
  • How to Answer “What’s in It for Me” in Fifteen Seconds
  • The Basics of Good Content Structure
  • The Four Different Forms of Content
  • Use Customer Feedback to Answer “What Should I Write About Next?”
  • What Is “User Generated Content” and How Can It Help Your Business
  • Why Your Content Should Pack an Emotional Punch

Includes 10 images for use in social media promotion.


Content Marketing - PLR Articles
Includes 10 PLR Articles on Content Marketing with 10 accompanying images.
Price: $17.00

Offline Marketing – PLR Articles


Here is a list of the topics covered in this 10 Pack of Offline Marketing PLR Articles:

  • Aspects of a Successful Online Marketing Plan
  • Common Offline Marketing Methods You Shouldn’t Ignore
  • How Online Marketing Can Drive Offline Business Success
  • How to Use the Internet to Generate New Business Leads
  • Less Common Offline Marketing Strategies
  • Six Offline Marketing Ideas
  • Strategies for Getting Your Business Listed in Local Search Results
  • The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Online Marketing Projects
  • Three Ways Retail Businesses Can Take Advantage of Mobile Marketing
  • Why Offline Marketing Tactics Aren’t Enough


Offline Marketing - PLR Articles
Includes 10 Articles on Offline Marketing
Price: $10.00