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    Homesteading – PLR eCourse

    These are the topics covered in the 10 Lesson Homesteading PLR eCourse: . Getting Started on the Path to Self-Reliance 3 Elements of Homesteading: Which is Right for You? The Many Financial Benefits of Homesteading Reasons Why Homesteading is Better for the Environment Making Money from Homesteading Why So Many People Find Homesteading to be Rewarding and Fulfilling What to Know Before You Get Started Homesteading Can You Homestead in the City? Urban Homesteading Fun Ways to Improve Your Homesteading Skills 3 Steps Every Homesteader Must Take Before Getting Started   Thanks for shopping at HomeFreePLR! My purpose here at HomeFreePLR is to serve my readers and also to fund…

  • exit strategy plr ecourse
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    Planning Your Business Exit Strategy PLR eCourse

    These are the topics covered in the 10 Lesson Planning Your Business Exit Strategy PLR eCourse: When is the best time to create your business exit strategy? Making sense of the different exit strategies available Three exit strategy myths you might be guilty of believing The pros and cons of selling your business Should you just close your business down? Sure-fire signs it’s time to exit your business Three tips to price your business to sell Five considerations to make when selling your business How to keep your customers in mind when selling your business Surprising reasons why an exit strategy is necessary Ten part ecourse on planning your business…

  • sun damage and skin cancer
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    Sun Damage and Skin Cancer – PLR eCourse

    These are the topics covered in the 10 Lesson Sun Damage and Skin Cancer PLR eCourse: . Three ways the sun damages your skin Three more ways the sun damages your skin How to know if you have sun damage Three ways to reverse sun damage Sunscreen 101 – How to choose the best sunscreen for your skin’s needs Can what you eat protect you from sun damage? Three sun damage myths Are you at risk for skin cancer? Five symptoms of skin cancer Five ways to prevent skin cancer and sun damage Delivered as a text file for you to upload to your email as a ten part eCourse.…

  • gardening PLR eCourse
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    Gardening – PLR eCourse

    These are the topics covered in the 10 Lesson Gardening PLR eCourse: . The surprising benefits of gardening Do you have what it takes to start a garden? Five vegetables for a beginner’s garden How much space do you need for your new garden? How to pick the perfect spot for your garden Gardening soil 101 Planting day – tips for making sure your garden gets a great start Pest control – keeping the bugs and weeds at bay Tips to care for and feed your garden Getting ready to take your garden to the next level A ten part eCourse to be delivered by email. You can post the…

  • new rules of retirement plr
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    Retirement – PLR eCourse

    These are the topics covered in the 10 Lesson Retirement PLR eCourse: Rules of Retirement eCourse The new rules of retirement Simple tips to set up an automatic savings plan How an emergency fund helps you save more for retirement Retirement planning mistakes – and how to avoid them Building a retirement income Tips to help you spend less and save more Should you hire a financial advisor? How to feel motivated to save for retirement How to pay off debt and save for retirement Tools to help you better track your spending and savings Includes promotional graphic Your PLR Rights: You may use this content on your own websites,…

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